The Eighties coincided with Conte of Florence’s foray into the world of golf. The aim was to deseasonalize the product range through a sport that is playable all year round, and promote the concept of combined English and Florentine qualities as the expression of a lifestyle synonymous with prestige and exclusiveness.
A total look collection for men and women was subsequently created and worn by many champions, including Costantino Rocca and Emanuele Canonica.
These champions, each with their own style and personality, found the comfort and taste they were looking for in Conte of Florence clothes and transformed them into virtual uniforms, taking the brand onto golf courses all over the world. Within a few short years, the Conte of Florence golf collection became a must for golf Pro-shops, where they finally became accessible also to amateur players.
At the same time, communication activities to promote the golf range continued.
For many consecutive years the brand was
Title Sponsor for the Italian Open
and took part as Fashion Partner in many events such as the Land Rover Golf Challenge, Club Med Cup, Aci Golf, Golden Gala and last but not least, the Celebrity Cup, where celebrities and entertainment personalities battle it out in a one of a kind competition.


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